Our Story

Growing up in the South Bronx of New York City, Nikk Melendez quickly learned the benefits of creating at-home hair treatments. Although her family was not able to afford regular trips to the hair salon and special treatments, Nikk's mother was able to create effective hair treatments right at home using natural ingredients she selected one by one. These treatments were able to help Nikk define her curls and even treat a case of alopecia at one point. Even on a budget, they were able to keep their hair healthy and developed a great habit: looking at the exact ingredients in their hair products. 


This ingredients-based understanding of hair products and her mother's homemade hair treatments inspired Nikk to look further into hair care as she got older, leading her to study cosmetology and eventually become a licensed salon owner and hair stylist. After seeing so many clients struggle with hair loss from various illnesses, Nikk began to develop her skills in hair restoration as a specialty.


She could relate to their frustrations since she had dealt with alopecia for many years herself and she wanted to help people get control of their hair again to really feel like themselves. She wanted to help people restore their hair, so she turned to something she knew she could rely on: organic ingredients. Safe, natural remedies would be gentle enough for anyone to use on their scalp, even if they were experiencing hair loss from illness. She remembered the remedies her mother would make using natural oils and began researching organic hair care lines she could reliably use with her clients. 


Unfortunately, the options were limited and she had difficulty finding reasonably priced organic hair care lines that were formulated specifically to promote hair growth. She was determined to find something that she could confidently recommend to her clients, so she decided if she could not find the products she needed, she would create them herself. That is how N.O Naturally Organic came to be. 

Inspired by her mother's homemade hair treatments and motivated by her clients' struggles with hair loss, Nikk created an organic hair care line designed to promote the growth of strong, healthy hair. Now anyone can purchase these carefully formulated natural hair products to keep their hair healthy, thick, and growing.