Get to Know Our Star Product: The Hair Growth Serum

Before there was a full collection of N.O. Naturally Organic hair care products to guide you through a wash day, there was the Hair Growth Serum standing on its own as our first ever launch. It was a specially formulated serum, designed to help people combat hair loss and grow their hair strong and healthy. At the time, we did not realize that this product would lead the way to so many other products, but with such a hit, we knew we had to keep the ball rolling. 

With an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the Hair Growth Serum, we knew we had something that people wanted and could not find elsewhere on the market. Even with our follow-up launches of hair care products, the serum remains a best-seller and a product we are immensely proud to offer. 

To honor the launch of our first ever product, we wanted to take the time to introduce it to those who are still unfamiliar with this organic hair serum. 

Importance of Scalp Oil

A huge part of maintaining the health of your hair is actually about taking care of your scalp. While you choose the healthy hair products that you want to use, you also want to make sure that you are picking out products that target your scalp. A portion of your hair care routine should be focused on maintaining the condition of your scalp. This can help to promote the growth of strong, healthy hair right at the follicle. 

A product like a hair and scalp serum can be a great addition to your hair stash and have a positive impact on the health of your scalp. It is easy to use and can also be applied to the hair if you would like to use your oil as a multi-purpose product. An all natural oil blend can help keep your scalp moisturized and relieve your scalp of inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff while giving the hair a boost of strength at the roots.

Why We Created the Hair Growth Serum

One of our main goals at Naturally Organic was to help people dealing with hair loss related to health concerns like alopecia. Having dealt with alopecia herself, our founder fully understands the frustrations that can come with losing your hair or realizing that hair is falling out and you don’t know what to do. We wanted to create something that could truly help people manage their hair loss using healthy hair care products.

Our first priority was creating something that was safe and gentle enough for people with various health concerns to use. Those with health concerns are often encouraged to look closer at the personal care products they use to make sure that everything has safe, healthy ingredients. This was the main factor that encouraged us to use only natural and organic ingredients, without harsh chemicals or fillers.

When we started Naturally Organic, our sole intent was to create an effective hair growth treatment that could help people of all backgrounds to manage hair loss. Now as our star product, we get to help support others in their hair growth journeys.

Organic Ingredients

With a focus on creating an organic product that anyone can use, we formulated the Make It Grow Hair Growth Serum with only plant-based, natural ingredients. As with all of our products, we took our time to carefully formulate this hair serum to create something that is effective, safe, and gentle on the scalp. Just as you would take the time to moisturize your face and body, you should apply nourishing ingredients to the scalp to keep it healthy and taken care of.

All of the ingredients we use are carefully selected one by one for their benefits to the scalp. Many natural ingredients like plant-based oils are associated with a number of healthy properties. This includes ingredients that are moisturizing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins, and essential fatty acids. All of these natural ingredients are chosen to help strengthen, moisturize, soothe, and stimulate your hair and scalp.

How to Apply Your Hair Serum

You can personalize how you use the Hair Growth Serum to suit your needs, but we typically recommend applying a few drops all over the scalp every other night. Gently massage in the oil with your fingertips to encourage stimulation to the scalp. 

Target your application to your areas of concern. This could be the edges of your hairline, bald spots, or areas where the hair seems to be thinning. Keep your routine consistent to promote hair growth or regrowth.

The Make It Grow Hair Growth Serum is what started it all at N.O Naturally Organic and the amount of love it received encouraged us to continue this approach towards hair care with a full range of products. Now you can shop for this serum along with many other organic hair products that support healthy hair growth, and see what makes this product a best-seller to this day. And be sure to let us know how they worked to support your hair goals.

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